John Ehle, one of our first settlers, said that the school first started in 1878 when the women and children, who had been left behind when the west was first settled started coming into the valley.

In 1879 the teacher was J. Ben McCutchin, who married Margaret Dickson. In 1884, Maggie Sample was the teacher with four students.

School records of the 1890’s show three students in school here with Nellie Culver teacher. School District No. 13, of which Skull Valley is the only school, was formed in the late 1800’s was changed to District No. 15 in 1909 In 1917 and 1918, a few High School classes were taught prior to the closing due to an outbreak of influenza.

There have been at least seven school buildings at different locations. The 5th school was built in 1916, and was also used as a church, a place for Saturday night dances, and for community events.

After 1925, the building was used as a school cafeteria, an auditorium for school programs, and later as a computer lab for the students. The building still stands and is used as a community center.



The sixth one was built in 1925 and still stands near the newest one, built in 2001.

Today there is kindergarten through sixth grade with two teachers, a teacher’s aide, and a cook who serves hot meals, a bus driver, and a maintenance man. A Special Education teacher is available when needed.



Seventh through high school students are bussed to Prescott. Our present school building was completed in 2001 and is the seventh building to be used for an elementary school.

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