General Store:
The New Skull Valley Store was built by E.K. Dutcher in 1916. He sold it to John and Violet Warren in 1925. After operating the store for 39 years, Mrs. Vi Warren Irving sold it to Bob and Mary Kukal in 1962. They operated it for 17 years and then sold it in 1979 to Bill and June Moody. It then changed hands four times until it was purchased by Archy and Laurica McDonald in January, 1995.

For 67 years the post office was in the store. Due to a flood in September of 1983, the post office was moved to a temporary location, near Daryl Ballew’s Shop until a new building could be found. In 1986 the new post office was completed and opened on Iron Springs Road near the fire station.

First Gasoline was sold at the Skull Valley Store about 1920. Barrels were hauled from the depot, and gas was pumped out of them. About 1923 a gas pump was installed at the front of the store. The present service station was built in 1925. It was owned by Jack Medd during the 1940s, and in 1953 he sold it to Warren Ballew, who operated it until his retirement in 1978. At one time there was a pool table in back, and also a round table in the corner where many a poker game was enjoyed by the local ranchers.

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