Skull Valley Homesteads

There are two adjacent townships in the Skull Valley unincorporated area, from north to south:

Township 14north (from the gas station northward)
Township 13north (from the skull valley general store southward)

The following homesteads are represented.

Township 14

Emmet C. Newton
Jack Medd
Frank M. Lang
Arron W. Stull
Landy E. Ehle
Luther Bratton
John Morris
William H. Dickson
John H. Dickson
George Biot
William U. Cooper
Frits Fredenberg
James Van Dickson
Edward Coughran
Diedrich Vonhein





Township 13

Fritz Fredenberg
Geo W. Young
Charles Sager
John Ehle
J. Wiley Coughran
Eber W. Sheppard
David P. Nichols
James E. Jones
Leroy D. Miller
Rachel Miller
James A. Stapp
Alfred Shupp
Beroth B. Crapo
William Stapp
Edward Bowers
John Casanegro
William Rudy
Seth Weed
John H. Resley

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